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Yogibo Lounger Beanbag

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When you think about gaming for long periods of time, why settle for some stiff recliner or unnecessarily large couch where you can never seem to hit the sweet spot of pure, comfy bliss? You need to be perfectly cozy if you’re going to 100% that backlog of PS4 games you’ve been hoarding! In comes the Yogibo Lounger. This bad boy is perfectly shaped to be the only lounge chair you’ll ever need for your game room or library. And while it’s already in the perfect reclining shape, all of our bodies are different and that’s where the signature stretchy Yogibo fabric comes in. Want to kick back or squish into it a little more? No problem, our fabric can stretch to meet your every need. Now go on, get comfy and start racking up those high scores!

Item Weight: 15.6lbs

Dimensions: 3'3"H x 2'9"W

Cleaning -

Zip off outer cover and turn it inside out. Wash in cold water with like colors. Tumble-dry low.

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Currently available in blue, dark grey, purple and red. Do contact us for other colour options.

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