About Us

"Play is the highest form of research." Albert Einstein.

It all began after we had conducted a training workshop for a group of teachers on how to help children with special needs in the classroom. Many hands were raised; and many questions asked on where the teachers could purchase products for children with special needs. We promised to help source for them, but quickly realised that there is a limited range in Singapore, and that most of these specialised resources are very expensive. We resolved to help bridge this gap, and bring in the resources that are needed to help this special group of children develop to the fullest of their potential.

Sensational Play was born.

As parents of two young and energetic boys, we have realised that there is a lack of awareness about how important sensory play is to the development and growth of children. Our two kids are active during every hour of the day, and much effort is needed to keep them meaningfully occupied. We are hesitant to introduce digital products at too early an age, believing that children develop best through play. It is through play that children develop the important gross and fine motor skills that help them in their regular physical development. It is through play that children develop the key cognitive skills of thinking and logic that help them to overcome the numerous obstacles they will face in adult life. It is through play that children develop the fine social skills of negotiation and diplomacy that help them to navigate the intricate networks of life. It is through play that children develop the essential emotional skills that help them to become people of empathy, having the awareness and a heart for those living around them.

Our desire is to give all children a chance to learn through play, regardless of differences in age or ability. We believe in the tremendous benefits of play for young children in developing their cognitive, affective, social and emotional domains, and that children need to play using all their senses - sight, sound, touch, smell, hearing, vestibular and proprioception. We hope to accomplish this aim through the products we offer.

Our products aim to meet a wide range of customers' needs, from educators, parents and children, to therapists and counsellors; from children with special needs such as ADHD, ADD, ASD/Autism, dyslexia, visual/ hearing challenges, cerebral palsy, or developmental delays, to neurotypical and gifted children.

We bring in quality games, toys, and special needs resources from countries such as fhe US (Fun and Function, LIttle Kids Inc, Playability Toys, Sensory University, Tangle Creations, Fat Brain Toys), Belgium (Smart Games), and Australia (Innovative Resources).

Do you work at a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) that helps children with special needs? As a Social Enterprise, Sensational Play believes that all children should be given the opportunity to learn and to grow. If you are a working professional in this field, we want to help you in the empowerment process. As such, we will provide a 10% discount for all orders from registered NPOs that empower children with special needs. If you are ordering on behalf of an NPO, you may use the discount code NPO10 during check out. Please also indicate in the comments section which NPO you are from, the delivery address, and if you require a personalised invoice.

Support for the Community

Project Love Lunch is our adopted cause. It started with the belief that “No child should go hungry”. As a wholly volunteer-driven project, the project started with the aim to provide Saturday lunches and grocery packs for 54 children living in rental flats in Marsiling and Champions Way area. With the support of volunteers, sponsors and corporate sponsors, Project Love Lunch has expanded to reach out to 100 children and elderly (with no familial support). Saturday lunches have expanded to include week night dinners and monthly enhancement packs are added on top of weekly groceries pack. Project Love Lunch believes that the heart needs as much nourishment as the body; thus, they organise quarterly birthday celebrations and excursions to provide opportunities for the children to participate in new experiences. Every year end, there is also a "Dear Santa" party where children get to wish for a gift and we would post up for sponsors to step forward with the gifts. They usually give out Back to School supplies at the event.

Check out the Project Love Lunch Facebook page here.

Sensory Rooms & Sharity Day 2018

Sensational Play recently supported Sharity Day 2018, an initiative by the Community Chest of Singapore and organised by the National Council of Social Services. We supported the event by sponsoring squishy toys to help all participants relieve stress. Sensational Play also assisted in setting up the first-ever Sensory Room for Sharity Day. A Sensory Room is a special room designed and equipped to stimulate all the senses and for all children to relax and relieve stress and anxiety during times when they feel overwhelmed. It was an honour to have our efforts recognised by Guest of Honour Indranee Rajah, Second Minister for Education. You can read her remarks here.