Write Grip Hand System
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Write Grip Hand System

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The write grip handwriting improvement system is the first zero transitional gripping system created to improve handwriting for people of all ages.  Most writing grips on the market today force the user’s fingers into a certain position therefore making it almost impossible to return to writing with a normal pen or pencil. Standard grips on the market today are also cumbersome and embarrassing for school children to use.  The Sensory University has combined technology as well as ergonomics to create this non embarrassing six week two step handwriting improvement system.

Step 1.  Sensory challenged people often have difficulty locating a writing instrument in their hands due to a lack of spatial awareness or a developed numbness in the extremities.  By starting with the raised textured grip on either a pen or pencil, a state of tactile awareness is created which allows the user to concentrate directly on writing and not on holding the actual writing instrument.  This grip should be used for the first three weeks of the writing period for at least 30 minutes per day or whenever the person has the need to write.  The soft texture of this grip will not cause cramps or handwriting fatigue like other larger grips on the market.

Step 2.  Included in this package are two non textured transitioning write grips which are shaped like a standard pen and #2 Pencil.  Upon completion of the first three week period with the textured grip, the user should then replace the use of this grip with the non textured units.  The round grip should be placed on a standard sized ink pen, and the hexagon shaped grip should be placed on a standard #2 Pencil.   By adding the two non textured units to the user’s pen and pencil, the user is now able to transition to writing without the aid of the tactile input from the textured grip.  The user should write with the non textured grips each time handwriting is needed for the last three weeks of the program.  The Occupational Therapist approved firmness of the transitioning grips will keep grip pressure to a minimum, therefore improving penmanship as well as lessening hand fatigue.  The standard pen and pencil shape of these grips will simulate the feel of a standard writing instrument on a slightly larger scale.  The average user will be ready for the zero delay transition to unassisted writing at the end of the second three week period.  Extended use of the grips is recommended for children who are not showing a standard tripod grasp at the end of this period.  This product is not recommended for children under three due to a choking hazard.