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Stay-At-Home Sensory Break Box

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The new Sensory Break Box is your ideal companion during the Stay-At-Home season. Specially curated by Sensational Play, the items are intended to help keep little hands (and bigger ones) busy while staying at home.

Each item was specially chosen as these tools help to stimulate motor neurons in the brain, and provide a much-need stimulus to help in the emotional regulation and calming process.

Suggestions for Use:

1) Inform learners that the items are not meant as toys, but as educational tools; and that if the items become a distraction, that they will be taken away.

2) Allow learners to use the items when they feel anxious or if they are unable to concentrate. Provide one item at a time.

3) A suggestion is for learners to use these items after every 30 to 45 minutes of intense concentration.

The Break Box comprises the following items:

1 Putty 2 Oz 

1 Spaghetti Ball/Bumpy Gel Ball/Color Morph Ball 

1 Spiky Sensory Finger Acupressure Ring Set (Pack Of 5) 

1 Set of Mini Roller Hand Fidgets - XL or Regular (Pack of 3)

1 Stress Ball 

2 Stretchy Toys

* If an item is out of stock, a similar item will be provided as a replacement.