Family Pastimes


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A co-operative word game! Everyone makes words to cover as many Star Spaces as you can. But each word must be about what you see in the picture. The picture changes. Letters get recycled. Letters are given away. Discuss, share and compare ideas in a natural, friendly way.

Yes, you can look up words in the dictionary. No, you don’t have to hide behind your letters. Word wizards can play the Advanced Version in which dice are rolled to see what kind of word must be formed. Antonym? Adjective? Adverb? Noun? Verb? Rhyme?

Family members, students, or friends who simply enjoy word games will find Starwords a very refreshing treat! Nervous beginners can play alongside experts. Each makes their best contribution. Play for fun, not blood!

Includes: 13 x 17″ board, die, reference chart, 100 letter tokens, collection of unusual pictures. 

1 to 10 players, Ages 10 to Adult