Pencil Jaws
Pencil Jaws
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Pencil Jaws

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The Stress-Busting Pencil

Nothing helps kids focus during test-taking more than pencil chewing. But then you've got a destroyed pencil… and yuck! Our Pencil Jaws take pencil chewing from gross to great. They’re the perfect outlet for kids and adults who need to bite or chew while reading, homework or other activities. Sealed, latex-free tubing is securely attached to standard-size colorful pencils, so kids can bite down to relieve stress or boost concentration.

Provides oral stimulation when needed
Helps students focus better
Protects teeth and prevents pencil destruction
Made in the USA by Fun and Function
Age 4

Ideas for Use

Keep a supply of these chewy pencil toppers at home, in school or at the office.