Peanut Balls
Peanut Balls
Fun and Function

Peanut Balls

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A perfect saddle seat for children through teens who yearn to wiggle but need more stability than a traditional ball chair, exercise ball chair or therapy ball. 

The Peanut Ball encourages balance and stabilization of the core for an active learning posture. Like exercise ball chairs, the Peanut Ball enhances focus by supporting the user’s natural desire for movement. 

Recommended for daily exercise, positioning and therapy programs. 

Peanut shaped ball can be used as a bench or straddle seat

Great for children with autism

Made by Fun and Function

Age 3+

Ideas for Use

Use instead of a regular chair during homework, school work, while watching TV, and enjoy moving around while staying in place. Pretend it’s a horse! Ride it like a cowboy! Toss it and watch it bounce. For home, school or clinic use.

Getting Started

Inflates easily with a hand pump. Balls "breathe" through their skin and may require topping off every couple weeks with a hand pump to stay fully inflated. We recommend keeping a pump on hand. 

Safety-tested by independent third party laboratories; CPSIA-compliant. Lead and phthalate free. 

Choose from sizes S-XL.

Don't know what size ball will fit your child? Measure from your child's arm pit to the tip of their fingers. That should correspond within 2" to the height of the ball you are buying so they can sit on the ball securely.