My Magic Cushion
My Magic Cushion
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My Magic Cushion

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Abracadabra! Watch your little wiggler sit still with our Magical Cushion! This seat cushion stimulates sensory awareness, moderates the wiggles, and provides a soothing place to sit.

An ideal choice for children with sensory processing issues and focus challenges, the cushion challenges balance and provides postural training. It lets kids move as needed, which improves their concentration and attention skills while allowing them to remain in one place.

The two-sided design is smooth on one side; flip it over for a comforting massage of tactile “fingers.” Once air is added, it cannot be deflated (like a basketball).

Ages 3 - Preteen

Increase sensory awareness and postural stability

Contain the "wiggles' into one spot

Provide an active place to sit and learn

Comes inflated and does not require pumping