Gel Floor Tile
Gel Floor Tile
Gel Floor Tile
Fun and Function

Gel Floor Tile

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Squishy and Ooze-y Colourful Fun!

A hands-on squishy gel experience! Encourages visual processing and sensory stimulation for all ages. Invite sensory-seeking kids to step, sit or jump on the tiles and watch the colours ooze. Even young children can push the gel around with their hands.  

  • Supports sensory integration and gross motor skill development
  • Engages kids with ADHD, sensory integration disorder and autism
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Age 3+

Ideas for Use

  • Place several tiles on the ground to create a colourful floor mat or walking path
  • Use as a marker during circle time to set clear boundaries and encourage children to stay in their spot
  • Line up tiles as markers for children to stand on while waiting their turn
  • Place the Gel Tiles as floor mats to create a Cosy Corner in your personal Sensory Room.

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