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Focus & Concentration Kit (ADHD/Stress Relief)

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Have you ever lost your concentration and needed a little something to keep you going?

Don't fret! Sensational Play has launched a great new Focus & Concentration Kit that will help you keep the wiggles at bay.

New research findings have found that when we move, the neurons in our brains get triggered, which translates to increased learning and brain development.

That's how our Focus & Concentration Kit will help. The kit comprises unique products specially curated to help children focus on their studies. All you need to do is to keep the items in your pencil case, and when you feel that you cannot concentrate, take out an item or two and get your hands moving! 

The kit comprises items such as a DNA Ball/Glitter Bead Ball/Slush Ball/Spaghetti Ball, a Tangle toy, a bendable, two squishy toys and a stress ball. The items retail at $35.30, but we're giving them to you for only $32!

*Items depicted are representatives of the actual items you will receive (subject to stock availability). Do let us know if you have an item preference and we will try to meet your needs.