Emotions Putty - Magnetic ("Medium")
Emotions Putty - Magnetic ("Medium")
Fun and Function

Emotions Putty - Magnetic ("Medium")

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Build Hand Strength and Fine Motor Skills

Roll, squeeze, mush, stretch and shape! Sensory seekers and avoiders love the malleability and heavy work of this medium-resistance putty. It’s also magnetic! The putty can pick up small metal items like paperclips and coins. Use the putty with the included magnet to feel gentle magnetic pull. Makes for a fun and engaging classroom tool to incorporate into your science curriculum and teach how magnets work.

  • Supports hand strengthening, sensory integration and fine motor skill development
  • Warms hands up for writing and engages fidgety fingers
  • Magnetic putty can pick up small metal objects
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Age 8+
  • Medium resistance

Ideas for Use

  • Squeeze to work out stress and help you calm down.
  • Use the putty to pick up the included magnet. What other objects do you think the putty can pick up? Try with coins and paperclips.