Eating Disorders & other Shadowy Companions
Eating Disorders & other Shadowy Companions
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Eating Disorders & other Shadowy Companions

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Conversation cards to bridge the isolation.

Living with an eating disorder can be a lonely, isolating experience. This beautiful, highly-visual tool aims to support young people and adults to bridge the isolation by sharing their experience with family, friends, teachers, counsellors, and other health professionals.

  • 40 hand-drawn cards for creating conversations that challenge the silence and shame surrounding eating disorders
  • a comprehensive booklet of suggestions for using the cards with individuals and groups.

Guided by three delightfully-engaging characters—Reggie the Recovery Rhino, Ed the Eating Disorder Monster and Bird—each card features an illustration to help people reflect on and express what it feels like to live with an eating disorder, and a question to gently suggest ways forward.

Having an eating disorder is like being stuck in a prison of your own mind that feels impossible to get out of.

This experience needs to be heard and validated before the focus can shift to recovery.’ (Danni McDougall, author, art therapist and senior mental health practitioner)

These cards can be used to describe other ‘shadowy companions’ like addiction, depression and anxiety.