Cool Chews Stems
Fun and Function

Cool Chews Stems

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Our Cool Chew Stems can calm and focus children who crave oral stimulation. Use alone or topped with a Race Car Cool Chew (see other listing) for sensory integration needs and to support kids with ADHD. 

Multi-textured surface provides a varied sensory experience. Fits in a pocket for easy travel. A fun, socially acceptable alternative for kids who chew on their clothing, pencils, or other objects. 

Crafted in the USA by Fun and Function, our chewy tubes are solid without holes or crevices for germs to sneak in. 

BPA, phthalate and latex free. Adult supervision required. Kids chewies should be inspected before use and replaced if there is excessive wear. 

3 1/2"L x 1/2"D 

Available in Pink, Red and Blue.