Bumpy Gel Cushion
Fun and Function

Bumpy Gel Cushion

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Squish it with your hands or your seat! Our gel-filled disc can be used as a seat cushion, mini lap pad, fidget or weighted frisbee. No inflation required! Hold in your lap and use as a fidget for tactile stimulation, or sit on it to help curb the wiggles when it’s time to learn. Pieces are hidden in the gel, encouraging fine motor work as fingers find them and explore. The tiny balls inside also make for a bumpy seat that provides tactile feedback.

  • Supports children with autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorder
  • Encourages fine motor work and active learning

Ideas for Use

Perfect for added sensory input during circle time, dinnertime, homework and more. These cushions are also a great way to mark each child’s seat so they stay in place during learning time. Use with adult supervision.