Slide, Twist & Solve

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"An On-The-Go Puzzle with a Tactile Twist!"

Each shape has a raised pattern so it is easy to identify by touch, and the colors are high-contrast making it ideal for blind and visually impaired children. Everyone loves this puzzle and wants to do it over and over again! The solution key is even on the back and can also be recognized by touch.....just in case you needsome help!

Developmental Benefits
Visual Stimulation
Visual Awareness
Tactile Stimulation
Problem Solving
Fine Motor Skills
Hand/Eye Coordination

Play Ideas

Putty Stamps - Use silly putty to make imprints with the Slide Twist N Solve tiles.

Textiles - Use textiles to cover the Slide Twist N Solve tiles with different colored and textured fabrics. 

Tip! Place textiles on the game with the original solution pattern.