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The unique, patented ribs on the Rib-it-Ball make it easy to grab even for the smallest and weakest of hands! Children will have hours of fun without frustration while improving balance and motor skills. The Rib-It-Balls come with a variety of options. It is available in several sizes: 14 inches, 18 inches, and 30 inches.

Developmental Benefits
Fine Motor Skills
Gross Motor Skills
Visual Stimulation
Visual Processing
Tactile Stimulation
Forearm Rotation
Trunk Extension and Flexion Hand/Eye Coordination
Grasp and Release Timing
Whole Body Strength
Social Engagement
Cognitive Development

Play Ideas

Balancing Act - Try to balance the Rib-It Ball by lying on back with feet up in the air and the ball resting on feet bottoms. Experiment with other balancing acts like palm up and arm stretched out or even try to balance the ball on head. Activities like this help kids with body awareness.

Hug & Squeeze - Outstretch arms and give it a big hug and squeeze to feel the proprioceptive input (pressure) from the ball and hear the crinkle.

Simon Says - Play a version of Simon Says with the Rib-It Ball– caregiver or the child can give directions on what to do with the ball. For example, kick with left foot, bounce twice, roll to a friend.

Keep It Up - Play a game of toss and catch, but try not to drop it. Count out loud how many times you were able to keep it up. Activities like this are great for kinesthetic learners as they get to move and practice math at the same time. Challenge! Only count every 2, 4 or 6 to practice intervals.

Bowling - Set up some toys (or bowling pins!) and give the Rib-It Ball a roll to knock ‘em down!

Mini (7") - $29.80

Small (14”) - $49.80

Medium (18”) - $65.80

X-Large (30”) - $98.80