Fidget Key Chain Ball

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With three options (one filled with sand, one filled with pellets, and one filled with small balls) these Fidget Key Chain Balls provide unlimited fidgeting and visual stimulation. The multisensory stress balls are the answer to your fidgeting needs. These work like stress balls to develop the hand’s intrinsic muscles while working on fine motor skills. Approximately 3", these fidget toys are tough, squeezable and just plain fun.

Provides hours of fidgeting fun

Visually and sensorily stimulating

Hangs anywhere for convenient access

Made by Fun and Function

Age 5+

Order is for 1 of 3 options (sand, pellets and balls).

Ideas for Use

Hang from a belt loop, backpack, purse or anywhere that will accommodate a clip. Perfect for desk work, test taking, car trips and stressful moments.

Getting Started

NOT designed for kids that mouth non-food objects as these fidgets may break. Not for biting, mouthing or chewing. These Fidget Key Chain Balls are guaranteed not to burst (unless they’re stabbed, which we wouldn’t recommend!).