Chugga Choo! The Colorful Puzzle Game
Chugga Choo! The Colorful Puzzle Game
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Chugga Choo! The Colorful Puzzle Game

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Chugga Choo! is designed to help teach kids color identification, spatial recognition and choice making skills.

Match red to red and blue to blue, or mix it up and build a multi-color train! In this game, your child will help the conductors build the trains and fill the boxcars for all their special deliveries.

On your turn, draw a boxcar piece, flip it over, and add it to the train of the same color. Choose a cargo tile to go into the empty hole in the boxcar. Once three boxcars have been added to a train, place a caboose at its end. Complete all four trains and say, “Chugga chugga choo choo!”

INCLUDES: 20 train puzzle pieces, 12 wooden cargo tiles, instructions and a parent guide. 

Age Recommendation: Ages 2 and up