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A Patchwork of Life

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A Patchwork Life is designed to inspire the conversations, storytelling and creativity of women of all ages. The 40 cards (with stickers included) are rich in narrative and imaginative possibilities, and can be used to reflect on thoughts and feelings, relationships and the stuff that matters.

Featuring the exquisite illustrations of Nicole Reading, A Patchwork Life offers the metaphor of a patchwork quilt for exploring identity. Each person’s identity is made up of unique memories, experiences, dreams and relationships, all sewn together. As in life, we can choose how we lay out the quilt, add new pieces, and remove frayed or unwanted patches.

  • Select a card at random. Where does the image take you? How does it speak to your experiences or beliefs? Gradually select additional cards to flesh out the details—they can be laid out in any number or pattern. See if you can keep adding more cards until they stretch out in front of you like a patchwork quilt.
  • Hold a card in your hands and stare at the image. Now look to the edges of the image and visualise how the picture continues beyond the frame. What happens to your story if you sail past the borders?
  • Select 3 cards or stickers. What connection can you create between the three images? What words do they bring to mind? Use the three cards/stickers as a starting point for journalling or creative writing.

A Patchwork Life is a versatile resource which can be used for groupwork, storytelling, creative arts therapy, icebreaking activities and therapeutic conversations with women. Originally developed for use in grief and loss counselling, its applications are limited only by your creativity!

This is the first Innovative Resources card set to be sold with stickers. There are five different sheets of stickers included, featuring images of the cards, selected details from the cards and additional illustrations. These beautiful stickers are perfect for many types of creative activity including journalling and collage-making.

A Patchwork Life

Published by Innovative Resources, 2012
ISBN: 978 1 920945466
40 laminated, full-colour cards, 12cm x 12cm
5 sheetlets of stickers (60 different stickers), 12cm x 12cm
Polypropylene box, 40-page booklet
Concept and illustrations: Nicole Reading