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Stress Reliever Kit

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Sensational Play believes in helping children to realise their fullest potential, both during learning and in play. Our special stress reliever kit, which can be used both in and outside of the classroom, is intended to help children who cannot concentrate. 

The kit is perfect for children who can’t keep still. When used as a fidget, the items help children with attention issues such as ADHD/ADD to focus. They are also excellent as stress relievers, and children with ASD/autism can be taught to use them during difficult situations to help them manage emotions such as anxiety or fear. In addition, the toys are perfect for make-believe and pretend play, and they help children to be more creative and imaginative.

Children can keep these toys in their pockets or in their pencil cases. For kids who need help in focussing during their learning, they can play with the toys during special “movement breaks” of 5 minutes for every 45 minutes of concentrated work. The tactile input will help the child to focus once again, helping them to learn better. Children can also keep the toys in their pockets, and when they encounter an uncomfortable situation, they can be taught to substitute a negative behaviour and instead replacing this by playing with the toy.

Each kit consists of one bendable toy, one stress toy, one spiky hair stress toy and two stretchy toys, perfect for little hands (and big hands) that cannot keep still!

The items retail individually at $13.80 but if you purchase them as a kit, you can get them at a special price of $12.50!

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