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Classroom Break Box Kit

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This Classroom Break Box Kit is ideal for keeping little hands busy while in the classroom or in any other educational setting. Currently used in a local school, the items are intended to help students who find it hard to concentrate while studying.

Instructions for use:

1) Inform students that the items are not meant as toys, but as educational tools; and that if the items become a distraction, that they will be taken away.

2) Allow students to use the items when they feel anxious or if they are unable to concentrate.

3) A suggestion is for students to use these items after every 30 to 45 minutes of intense concentration.

The items in the kit are as follows:

1 Tangle Classic/Textured

1 Blobz Ball

1 DNA Ball/ Glitter Bead Ball/Slush Ball

1 Bendable

1 Stress Ball

1 Squishy Animal

*The box is not included. If an item is out of stock, a similar item will be provided as a replacement.