Playsilk Collection (Set of 3)

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Playsilks are the most versatile toy there are, besides a box and stick.

They are a natural prop for anything you can imagine:

*hot lava/a fire

*a cape, skirt, genie pants

*a headdress veil

*grass to feed your horse, water to sail a boat on

*a doll carrier

*soup to stir in a pot

*a scarf to dance with

*peek-a-boo a baby

*tie on a stick to make a flag

*take on trips to play in the car and hotel rooms

*hide under one

The possibilities are as unlimited as your child's imagination.

Playsilks are 35" x 35" squares that come in 17 colors. 

* Do indicate your choice of playsilk colours in the comments field. While we will try our best to send you the items of your choice, our playsilks do sell out fast, and we will ship a similar colour should stocks run out.