Spiky Tactile Balls
Fun and Function

Spiky Tactile Balls

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Have a Ball with Fine Motor Skills Development 

These are some of our best therapeutic play balls because they open up a child’s world of tactile exploration. 

Hide them, find them, hold them, Touch them, roll them and just play pretend. The spikes are firm enough to use for deep pressure and massage, but soft enough to encourage exploration. The small bumps on these balls also make them super easy to catch. 

Use as a fine motor manipulative. 

Perfect for sensory-seekers or sensory under-responders 

Made by Fun and Function 

Age 3+ 

Ideas for Use 

Have your child manipulate these for a few minutes before working on handwriting or keyboarding and watch their fingers come alive! 

Spiky Tactile Balls also make great fidget toys for children who need to play while learning. 

Requires pump to inflate.